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Meet John, see Jesus….in John’s gospel

25 Aug

    Meet John, see Jesus….in John’s gospel

    All sermons preached by Gordon Robertson, unless otherwise stated.

    I am the bread of life: John 6


    Authority: John 5


    Open your eyes and believe: John 4:31-54


    Living water at the well: John 4:1-42


    He must become greater: John 3:22-36


    God so loved:John 3 v 13-21


    Born again: John 3:1-15


    Overturned: John 2:12-25


    The First Sign: John 2:1-11


    Find, then follow: John 1:35-51


    The witness: John 1:19-34


    The Word: John 1:1-18


    An overview of John’s gospel: John 1-21