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Learning from selected Psalms….

11 Nov

    Learning from selected Psalms….

    This series from the Psalms was given by Gordon Robertson, unless otherwise indicated.

    How to pray when in danger: Psalm 141

    By the rivers of Babylon: Psalm 137

    God’s word in our hearts: Psalm 119

    Hard words: Psalm 109

    Remember: Psalms 105 & 106

    Only darkness: Psalm 88

    My refuge & my strength: Psalm 46
    Sam Gillespie

    Royal Wedding: Psalm 45

    Saviour, Shepherd, Sovereign: Psalms 22-24

    How long: Psalm 13

    Majestic: Psalm 8

    Meet the King in his word: Psalms 1 & 2

    Introduction to Psalms