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Sunday service – 17th May

17 May

    Sunday service – 17th May

    “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118 v24.  A Psalm that points to Jesus, the chief cornerstone, who died and lives now.  We worship him this morning.


    1. Pray

    2. Fun spot – Abraham (final bit)

    3. Song – Tell out my soul

    4. Talk – Ephesians 4:7-16, A worthy manner: body building by Mickey Mantle from St Helen’s, Bishopsgate

    5. Song – An army of ordinary people (words below)

    6. Praise God that we are His body.  Pray we might live worthy of that position in Him.

    An army of ordinary people,
    A Kingdom where love is the key,
    A city, a light to the nations,
    Heirs to the promise are we.
    A people whose life is in Jesus,
    A nation together we stand.
    Only through grace are we worthy,
    Inheritors of the land.

    A new day is dawning,
    A new age to come,
    When the children of promise,
    Shall flow together as one:
    A truth long neglected,
    But the time has now come,
    When the children of promise,
    Shall flow together as one.

    A people without recognition,
    But with Him a destiny sealed,
    Called to a heavenly vision:
    His purpose shall be fulfilled.
    Come let us stand strong together,
    Abandon ourselves to the King
    His love shall be ours for ever,
    This victory song we shall sing.