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Sunday service – 21st June

21 Jun

    Sunday service – 21st June

    Welcome again to our Sunday morning service.  May it be a blessing to each of us.

    Happy Fathers’ Day, by the way!  Let us also thank God and pray for all the men in our church. Pray also for Adam, Iuliana and Ava, who will have arrived in Leeds yesterday (Saturday night).


    1. Pray.  Come before the Lord expectantly

    2. Fun spot.  Moses grows up, and God speaks to him 

    3. Hymn: ‘The Church’s One Foundation.   With the traditional words (see below)

    4. Talk: Ephesians 5:22-33, ‘A worthy manner in marriage’, William Taylor, St Helen’s, Bishopsgate.
    NB The reading is not included in the video version this week, so you might want to read it yourself before the talk.

    5. Hymn: ‘Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine’

    6. Pray.  For God to help each one of us, whatever our situation, to walk in submission to the Lord, living out godliness day by day.  Thank God for the close loving relationship we have with Him.

    The church’s one foundation
    is Jesus Christ her Lord;
    she is his new creation
    by water and the word:
    from heaven he came and sought her
    to be his holy bride;
    with his own blood he bought her
    and for her life he died.

    Elect from every nation,
    yet one through all the earth;
    her charter of salvation
    one Lord, one faith, one birth:
    one holy name she blesses,
    partakes one holy food;
    and to one hope she presses
    with every grace endued.

    In toil and tribulation,
    and tumult of her war,
    she waits the consummation
    of peace for evermore:
    till with the vision glorious
    her longing eyes are blessed;
    and the church victorious
    shall be the church at rest!

    Yet she on earth has union
    with God the Three-in-One;
    and mystic, sweet communion
    with those whose rest is won:
    O blessed heav’nly chorus
    Lord save us by your grace
    That we, like saints before us
    May see you face to face.