Roundhay Evangelical Church

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Sunday service – 3rd May

03 May

    Sunday service – 3rd May

    Another Lord’s day – to worship, learn and fellowship!
    Details below

    1. Pray for God to speak this morning

    2. Fun spot.  Meet Abraham

    3. Hymn – Great is the Gospel of our Glorious God

    4. Sermon – Ephesians 3:1-21  ‘Knowing the mystery revealed’ by Mickey Mantle from St Helen’s.
    The sermon is followed by a Q & A session…optional listening

    5. Hymn – Hear O Israel & Come People of the Risen King
    Two songs actually. The first song is unusual but it’s good and runs into the second.  Enjoy.

    6. Pray.  Thank God for revealing himself to us.  And pray for help to follow day by day.