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Sunday service – 5th April

05 Apr

    Sunday service – 5th April

    Sunday, 5th April

    It’s good to be worshipping together again this week.

    Just looking ahead, next week, 12th April, is Easter Sunday. Of course every day we rejoice in the risen Saviour, and every Sunday we worship Him, but at Easter we can focus on Jesus, truly risen and glorified.
    So, at 9am on Easter Sunday morning we’ll have a ‘Christ is risen’ zoom – just so we can share together the excitement and joy of the resurrection, just a short session, finishing 9.30 at the latest. There will of course be the usual Sunday service email as well.

    Back to this week, 5th April….

    1. Praise God for his greatness, his goodness and his grace to us all

    2. Fun spot – the Fall

    3. Hymn – Jesus Shall Reign
    again sorry about the advert – hope you can cut it short.

    4. Talk – Ephesians 1:19-23…Knowing the Head of All

    5. Song: All Heaven Declares

    6. Thank God for his greatness, and his power that raised Jesus. Pray God would grow his church to the praise of his glory.